1. AdvSearch
      1. AdvSearch.AdvSearch
        1. AdvSearch.AdvSearch.tpl
        2. AdvSearch.Advsearch.paging1Tpl
        3. AdvSearch.AdvSearch.paging0Tpl
        4. AdvSearch.AdvSearch.containerTpl
        5. Advsearch.AdvSearch.extractTpl
      2. AdvSearch.AdvSearchHelp
        1. AdvSearch.AdvSearchHelp.helplinkTpl
      3. AdvSearch.AdvSearchForm
        1. Advsearch.AdvSearchForm.tpl
    2. getYoutube
    3. aliasid
    4. AddHeaderfiles
    5. AjaxUpload
    6. amazonSES mailing list
    7. Analytics
    8. Archivist
      1. Archivist.Archivist
        1. Archivist.Archivist.tpl
      2. Archivist.ArchivistGrouper
      3. Archivist.getArchives
        1. Archivist.getArchives.tpl
    9. Articles
      1. Articles.Theming Articles
      2. Articles.Retrieving the next and previous article
      3. Articles.Roadmap
      4. Articles.Retrieving Articles Outside of Articles
      5. Articles.Creating a Blog
    10. Babel
      1. Babel.BabelLinks
      2. Babel.BabelTranslation
    11. BannerX
    12. BannerY
    13. Batcher
      1. Batcher.Roadmap
    14. bdListings
      1. bdListings.bdCategories
      2. bdListings.bdHookNewListing
      3. bdListings.bdListings
      4. bdListings.bdPriceGroups
      5. bdListings.bdRedirect
      6. bdListings.bdTargets
    15. boilerX
      1. bx-head-open
      2. bx-head-append
      3. bx-head-close
      4. bx-container-open
      5. bx-container-close
      6. bx-bottom-open
      7. bx-bottom-close
    16. BreadCrumb
      1. BreadCrumb.containerTpl
      2. BreadCrumb.currentCrumbTpl
      3. BreadCrumb.linkCrumbTpl
      4. BreadCrumb.maxCrumbTpl
    17. Breadcrumbs
    18. BxrExtra
    19. cachebuster
    20. CamperManagement
      1. CamperManagement.Customizing the Component
      2. CamperManagement.Developing the front-end
        1. CamperManagement.cmCamperDetails Snippet
        2. CamperManagement.cmCampers Snippet
        3. CamperManagement.Placeholders you can use
      3. CamperManagement.Managing your vehicle
      4. CamperManagement.Module home
    21. Church Events Calendar
      1. ChurchEvents.MODX Manager functions
      2. ChurchEventsCalendar Snippet
        1. ChurchEvents.Managing events
      3. ChurchEventsList Snippet
      4. ChurchEventsRss Snippet
    22. Cliche
    23. ClientConfig
    24. CMPGenerator
      1. CMPGenerator.5 minute example
      2. CMPGenerator.Foreign Databases
    25. ContextRouter
    26. CookieList
    27. CronManager
    28. cssSweet
      1. cssSweet.lighten
      2. cssSweet.modval
      3. cssSweet.prefix
    29. CustomUrls
    30. Databackup
    31. Discuss
      1. Discuss.ChunkMap
      2. Discuss.Contributing
      3. Discuss.Controllers
        1. Discuss.Controllers.board
          1. Discuss.Controllers.board.xml
        2. Discuss.Controllers.home
        3. Discuss.Controllers.login
        4. Discuss.Controllers.logout
        5. Discuss.Controllers.profile
        6. Discuss.Controllers.register
        7. Discuss.Controllers.search
        8. Discuss.Controllers.thread
      4. Discuss.Creating a Discuss Theme
      5. Discuss.Database Model
      6. Discuss.Features
      7. Discuss.Getting Started
      8. Discuss.Installation
        1. Discuss.Installation from Git
      9. Discuss.Roadmap
      10. Configuring Sphinx for Search
    32. DitsNews
    33. Eletters
      1. Eletters.API
      2. Eletters.FormIt
      3. Eletters.Import CSV
      4. Eletters.Templates
    34. EventManager
      1. EventManager.emListEvents
      2. EventManager.emNewReservationHook
    35. eventsCalendar2
      1. eventsCalendar2.eventsCalendar2
      2. eventsCalendar2.Generating events
      3. eventsCalendar2.tplCalendar2
      4. eventsCalendar2.tplCell2
      5. eventsCalendar2.tplEvent2
      6. eventsCalendar2.tplHead2
    36. EventsX
      1. EventsX.Examples
    37. ExerPlan
    38. fastField
    39. FileDownload R
      1. FileDownload R.FileDownload
      2. FileDownload R.FileDownloadLink
      3. FileDownload R.Plugins
    40. FileLister
      1. FileLister.FileLister
        1. FileLister.FileLister.directoryTpl
        2. FileLister.FileLister.fileLinkTpl
        3. FileLister.FileLister.fileTpl
        4. FileLister.FileLister.pathTpl
      2. FileLister.Roadmap
    41. FirstChildRedirect
    42. Flexibility
    43. ForcedPasswdChange
    44. FormIt
      1. FormIt.FormItCountryOptions
      2. FormIt.FormItRetriever
      3. FormIt.FormItStateOptions
      4. FormIt.Hooks
        1. FormIt.Hooks.email
        2. FormIt.Hooks.FormItAutoResponder
        3. FormIt.Hooks.math
        4. FormIt.Hooks.recaptcha
        5. FormIt.Hooks.redirect
        6. FormIt.Hooks.spam
      5. FormIt.Roadmap
      6. FormIt.Tutorials and Examples
        1. FormIt.Examples.Custom Hook
        2. FormIt.Examples.Simple Contact Page
        3. FormIt.Handling Selects, Checkboxes and Radios
        4. FormIt.Using a Blank NoSpam Field
      7. FormIt.Validators
    45. FormIt2db
    46. FormitFastPack
      1. FormitFastPack.Tutorial
      2. FormitFastPack.fieldSetDefaults
      3. FormitFastPack.field
      4. FormitFastPack.fiGenerateReport
    47. FormSave
    48. FoundationX
      1. FoundationX.How to Use FoundationX
    49. FX2themebase
      1. FX2.How to Use FX2
        1. FX2.For Theme Authors
      2. FX2.Included Extras
    50. Gallery
      1. Gallery.Example1
      2. Gallery.Gallery
        1. Gallery.Gallery.containerTpl
        2. Gallery.Gallery.thumbTpl
      3. Gallery.GalleryAlbums
        1. Gallery.GalleryAlbums.rowTpl
        2. Gallery.GalleryAlbums.containerTpl
      4. Gallery.GalleryItem
        1. Gallery.GalleryItem.albumTpl
        2. Gallery.GalleryItem.GalleryItemPagination
        3. Gallery.GalleryItem.tagTpl
        4. Gallery.GalleryItem.tpl
      5. Gallery.Plugins
        1. Gallery.Plugins.Galleriffic
        2. Gallery.Plugins.Slimbox
      6. Gallery.Roadmap
      7. Gallery.Setting Up the GalleryItem TV
      8. Gallery.Setting Up Your Gallery
    51. GatewayManager
    52. gCal
    53. getDate
    54. getFeed
      1. getFeed.Adding a Twitter Feed
    55. getPage
    56. getRelated
    57. getResourceField
    58. getResources
      1. getResources.Examples
        1. getResources.Building a RSS feed
        2. getResources.Category Index Page with Thumbnails
        3. getResources.Google XML Sitemap
    59. getUrlParam
    60. getRTImages
    61. getVimeo
    62. GoogleSiteMap
      1. GoogleSiteMap.GoogleSiteMap
        1. GoogleSiteMap.GoogleSiteMap.containerTpl
        2. GoogleSiteMap.GoogleSiteMap.itemTpl
      2. GoogleSiteMap.Roadmap
    63. GridClassKey
    64. HandyMan
      1. HandyMan.Frequently Asked Questions
      2. HandyMan.Installation
      3. HandyMan.Roadmap
    65. Hits
    66. HitsPage
    67. HybridAuth
      1. HybridAuth.Integrating Facebook
      2. HybridAuth.Integrating Google
      3. HybridAuth.Integrating Twitter
      4. HybridAuth.Integrating VK.com
    68. If
    69. Image+
    70. imageHERE
    71. ImageStyles
    72. ImportX
    73. LexRating
    74. Lingua
    75. Login
      1. Login.ChangePassword
      2. Login.ConfirmRegister
      3. Login.ForgotPassword
      4. Login.Login
      5. Login.Profile
      6. Login.Register
        1. Register.Example Form 1
      7. Login.ResetPassword
      8. Login.Roadmap
      9. Login.Tutorials
        1. Login.Basic Setup
        2. Login.Extended User Profiles
        3. Login.Request Membership
        4. Login.User Profiles
        5. Login.Using Custom Fields
        6. Login.Using Pre and Post Hooks
      10. Login.UpdateProfile
    76. Loginza
      1. Loginza.Loginza
      2. tpl.Loginza.login
      3. tpl.Loginza.logout
      4. tpl.Loginza.profile
    77. mChimpX
    78. MetaX
    79. mhPayPal
      1. mhPayPal.Snippet Usage
        1. mhPayPal.Snippet Usage.Hooks
        2. mhPayPal.Snippet Usage.Templating
    80. MIGX
      1. MIGX.Backend-Usage
      2. MIGX.Data-Entry
      3. MIGX.Frontend-Usage
      4. MIGX.Tutorials
        1. MIGX.Fancybox-images with seperate placeholders in Richtext-Content
        2. MIGX.Simple opening hours table
        3. Using resource-specific mediasource and multifile-uploader with MIGX
        4. MIGX.Varying layout-boxes
          1. MIGX.Varying layout-boxes.Configurator-Version
        5. Creating Selectable and Sortable lists for MIGX
        6. MIGX.sortable resourcelist
        7. Using resource-specific mediasource and multifile-uploader with MIGX
    81. MIGXdb
      1. MIGXdb.Configuration
      2. MIGXdb.Tutorials
        1. MIGXdb.Create a basic gallery-management from scratch with MIGXdb
        2. MIGXdb.Create doodles manager with help of MIGXdb
        3. MIGXdb.Manage Child-Resources in a grid-TV with help of MIGXdb
        4. MIGXdb.Manage Events-Resources in a CMP with help of MIGXdb
    82. MinifyX
    83. miniShop
      1. miniShop.Screenshots
    84. modActiveDirectory
    85. ModDef
    86. modExtra
    87. modMobile
    88. modSwiftMailer
    89. mxCalendar
      1. mxCalendar.Examples
      2. mxCalendar.Placeholders
    90. mxExtendedMenu
    91. mxFormBuilder
      1. mxFormBuilder.Create Form
      2. mxFormBuilder.Hooks
      3. mxFormBuilder.Field Types
      4. mxFormBuilder.Create Form List in TV
      5. mxFormBuilder.Fields
    92. mxHasTvs
    93. MoneyBird
      1. MoneyBird.Contacts
      2. MoneyBird.Invoices
      3. MoneyBird.NrFormat
    94. ObfuscateEmail-Revo
    95. PackMan
      1. PackMan.Roadmap
    96. PageBreaker
      1. PageBreaker.PageBreaker
      2. tpl.PageBreaker.ajax
      3. tpl.PageBreaker.navigation
    97. Peoples
      1. Peoples.PeopleGroup
        1. Peoples.PeopleGroup.userTpl
      2. Peoples.PeopleGroups
        1. Peoples.PeopleGroups.tpl
      3. Peoples.Peoples
        1. Peoples.Peoples.tpl
      4. Peoples.Roadmap
    98. PHP Tidy (plugin)
    99. phpThumbOf
    100. Polls
      1. Polls.Polls
      2. Polls.PollsLatest
      3. Polls.PollsPrevious
      4. Polls.PollsResult
    101. POI Manager
    102. QuickCrumbs
      1. QuickCrumbs.Example
    103. Quip
      1. Quip.Quip
        1. Quip.Quip.tplComment
        2. Quip.Quip.tplCommentOptions
        3. Quip.Quip.tplComments
        4. Quip.Quip.tplReport
      2. Quip.QuipCount
      3. Quip.QuipLatestComments
      4. Quip.QuipReply
        1. Quip.QuipReply.tplAddComment
        2. Quip.QuipReply.tplLoginToComment
        3. Quip.QuipReply.tplPreview
      5. Quip.QuipRss
      6. Quip.Roadmap
      7. Quip.Upgrading
        1. Quip.Upgrading to 1.0.1
    104. Rampart
      1. Rampart.hook.RampartFormIt
      2. Rampart.hook.RampartQuip
      3. Rampart.preHook.RampartRegister
    105. Redirector
    106. renderResources
    107. ResourceWatcher
    108. RezImgCrop
    109. Rowboat
      1. Rowboat.Rowboat
    110. sekFancyBox
      1. sekFancyBox & Gallery
    111. sekFormTools
      1. sekFormTools.input.autocomplete
      2. sekFormTools.input.combobox
      3. sekFormTools.input.datepicker
      4. sekFormTools.input.helper
      5. sekFormTools.input.textfield
      6. sekFormTools Advanced Examples
    112. sekSiteTools
      1. sekSiteTools.easytabs
      2. sekSiteTools.google.analytics
      3. sekSiteTools.printdiv
    113. sekUserGalleries
      1. sekUserGalleries.album.items.helper
      2. sekUserGalleries.album.items.manage
      3. sekUserGalleries.album.manage
      4. sekUserGalleries.album.view
      5. sekUserGalleries.browse.galleries
      6. sekUserGalleries.directory
      7. sekUserGalleries.image.information
      8. sekUserGalleries.search
      9. sekUserGalleries.users.gallery.manage
      10. sekUserGalleries.users.gallery.view
    114. selfLink
    115. Shopkeeper
    116. siblingNav
    117. SimpleSearch
      1. SimpleSearch.Roadmap
      2. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch
        1. SimpleSearch.Faceted Search Through PostHooks
        2. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch.containerTpl
        3. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch.currentPageTpl
        4. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch.pageTpl
        5. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch.tpl
      3. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearchForm
        1. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearchForm.tpl
      4. SimpleSearch.Solr
    118. SiteEditor
    119. sitemapFriend
    120. Slideshow Manager
      1. jgSlideshow Snippet
      2. Slideshow Manager CMP
    121. sLink
    122. SmartOptimizer
    123. SmartTag
    124. StatCache
    125. SocialLogin
    126. SocialSuite
      1. SocialSuite.getFacebookPhotos
      2. SocialSuite.getFacebookProfile
      3. SocialSuite.getFacebookShares
      4. SocialSuite.getGooglePlusShares
      5. SocialSuite.getTwitterProfile
      6. SocialSuite.prettyNumbers
    127. spieFeed
    128. StaticSaver
    129. StoreLocator
    130. SubscribeMe
      1. SubscribeMe.Configuring API Credentials, IPN and going Live
      2. SubscribeMe.Setting up the Payment Flow
        1. SubscribeMe - Listing the Products
        2. SubscribeMe - Setting up the Payment Methods
        3. SubscribeMe - Subscription Confirmation Page
      3. SubscribeMe.User Account Management
    131. SyntaxChecker
    132. TaggingAtoZ
    133. tagLister
      1. tagLister.getResourcesTag
      2. tagLister.tagLister
        1. tagLister.tagLister.all
        2. tagLister.tagLister.tpl
      3. tagLister.tolinks
        1. tagLister.tolinks.tpl
    134. TinyMCE
      1. TinyMCE.Spellchecker
      2. TinyMCE.Table controls
      3. TinyMCE.Template
    135. Upload to Users CMP
    136. VersionX
      1. VersionX.Roadmap
    137. virtuNewsletter
    138. VisionCart
      1. VisionCart.Back-end
        1. VisionCart.Category management
        2. VisionCart.Module management
        3. VisionCart.Option management
        4. VisionCart.Order management
        5. VisionCart.Product management
        6. VisionCart.Shop management
      2. VisionCart.Front-end
        1. VisionCart.vcGetCategories
          1. VisionCart.vcGetCategories.tpl
        2. VisionCart.vcGetProducts
          1. VisionCart.vcGetProducts.tpl
        3. VisionCart.vcWayfinder
      3. VisionCart.General
        1. VisionCart.Templating
        2. VisionCart.UserManagement
      4. VisionCart.vcGetProductImages
      5. VisionCart.vcGetProductOptions
    139. Wayfinder
      1. Wayfinder Introductory Examples
    140. xFPC
    141. Tagger


This is a user-contributed Extra. If you find issues or would like more info or help, please contact the author.

What is sekFancyBox?

SekFancyBox is a port of fancyBox 2.0.4 ( it can be found on the fancyBox website). It was made to standardize the modal popups across a website quickly and easily.


  • MODx Revolution 2.1.0-RC-2 or later
  • PHP5 or later

While I have tested in Modx 2.1, this may work in older versions. SekFancy box is a simple program, it makes no calls to any database and has no manager pages to support.


SekFancyBox was written by Stephen Smith, and first released on Feb 1st, 2012.


It can be downloaded from within the MODx Revolution manager via Package Management, or from the MODx Extras Repository, here: http://modx.com/extras/package/sekfancybox.

Development and Bug Reporting

SekFancyBox is on GitHub: https://github.com/insomnix/sekFancyBox, report any issues or feature requests here: https://github.com/insomnix/sekFancyBox/issues.

Watch for news about sekFancyBox at http://www.seknetsolutions.com/modx-extras/sekfancybox


The sekFancyBox is called through a single snippet using the tag:


There are several properties that must be set based on the type of modal window that is being called:

Available Properties

Name Description
type This defines what kind of window will open.
Options: inline, iframe, document, media, jcode
link If calling only one inline modal, this does not need to be set.
If calling multiple inline modals on a single page, each call must have a unique one word name.
If using in any other type, this must by the url of the item to view.
  sekfancybox inline only
linktext Text to display as the link on the page.
text Text to display in the modal window.
inline only      
header Heading that will appear in modal window above the text with <h3></h3> tag.
inline only   yes
modalwidth Change the width of the modal window displayed on screen. (note, this property does not work well, in version 1.0.0 use the new property width)
inline only 400
title Title displays below the modal window, useful for images. Default behavior can be changed using the helpers options.
modalclass This changes the class name of the modal box. This must be used if using different options on multiple modals on a single page.
(i.e. using thumbnailhelper for a group of images set to one class, and using buttonhelper on a group of images of another class.)
It is good practice to assign a class to all modal windows to prevent future problems if another modal is added to the page.
  fancybox yes
group Used to group images on a page together. This will create a modal slideshow.
media only
mousewheel Will allow the mousewheel to scroll through the images of a group. Set to 1 to use.
media only 0
buttonhelper Adds buttons above the modal window to help navigate images in a group. Set to 1 to use. media only 0
thumbnailhelper Adds thumbnails below modal window of all the images of a group. Set to 1 to use. media only 0
customjs For advanced use, custom javascript can be made, place the url of the js in this property.
For more information on how to customize fancyBox, check out their website.
customcss To customize the appearance of the modal window, supply the url of the css file to use.
custombuttonscss To customize the appearance of the modal button helper, supply the url of the css file to use.     yes 1.0.0
customthumbnailcss To customize the appearance of the modal thumbnail helper, supply the url of the css file to use.     yes 1.0.0
loadjquery sekFancyBox comes with JQuery 1.7.1 min within the package and loads automatically. If other extras are used on the same page that load JQuery, errors can occur. To turn off the auto-load of JQuery, change this option to `0`. (Depending on the order in which extras are installed on a site, and whether the js loads in the head or the end of the page, will decide the order the js files load. If JQuery loads after the the fancybox js, errors can occur. If other extras permit, do not load JQuery through any extras, instead load it in the template and set the 'sekfancybox.load_jquery' system setting to false.) If system setting 'sekfancybox.load_jquery' is set to false, loadjquery can be set to `1` to load JQuery on that page.
padding Space inside fancyBox around content. Can be set as array - [top, right, bottom, left].   15
yes 1.0.0
margin Minimum space between viewport and fancyBox. Can be set as array - [top, right, bottom, left]. Right and bottom margins are ignored if content dimensions exceeds viewport.   20
yes 1.0.0
width Default width for 'iframe' and 'swf' content. Also for 'inline', 'ajax' and 'html' if 'autoSize' is set to 'false'. Can be numeric or 'auto'.   800 yes 1.0.0
height Default height for 'iframe' and 'swf' content. Also for 'inline', 'ajax' and 'html' if 'autoSize' is set to 'false'. Can be numeric or 'auto'.   600 yes 1.0.0
minWidth Minimum width fancyBox should be allowed to resize to.   100 yes 1.0.0
minHeight Minimum height fancyBox should be allowed to resize to.   100 yes 1.0.0
maxWidth Maximum width fancyBox should be allowed to resize to.   9999 yes 1.0.0
maxHeight Maximum height fancyBox should be allowed to resize to.   9999 yes 1.0.0
autoSize If true, then sets both autoHeight and autoWidth to true.   true yes 1.0.0
autoHeight If set to true, for 'inline', 'ajax' and 'html' type content width is auto determined. If no dimensions set this may give unexpected results.   false yes 1.0.0
autoWidth If set to true, for 'inline', 'ajax' and 'html' type content height is auto determined. If no dimensions set this may give unexpected results.   false yes 1.0.0
autoResize If set to true, the content will be resized after window resize event.   true yes 1.0.0
autoCenter If set to true, the content will always be centered.   true yes 1.0.0
fitToView If set to true, fancyBox is resized to fit inside viewport before opening.   true yes 1.0.0
aspectRatio If set to true, resizing is constrained by the original aspect ratio (images always keep ratio).   false yes 1.0.0
topRatio Top space ratio for vertical centering. If set to 0.5, then vertical and bottom space will be equal. If 0 - fancyBox will be at the viewport top.   0.5 yes 1.0.0
leftRatio Left space ratio for horizontal centering. If set to 0.5, then left and right space will be equal. If 0 - fancyBox will be at the viewport left.   0.5 yes 1.0.0
scrolling Set the overflow CSS property to create or hide scrollbars. Can be set to 'auto', 'yes', 'no' or 'visible'.   auto yes 1.0.0
wrapCSS Customizable CSS class for wrapping element (useful for custom styling).     yes 1.0.0
arrows If set to true, navigation arrows will be displayed.   true yes 1.0.0
closeBtn If set to true, close button will be displayed.   true yes 1.0.0
closeClick If set to true, fancyBox will be closed when user clicks the content.   false yes 1.0.0
nextClick If set to true, will navigate to next gallery item when user clicks the content.   false yes 1.0.0
mouseWheel If set to true, you will be able to navigate gallery using the mouse wheel.   true yes 1.0.0
autoPlay If set to true, slideshow will start after opening the first gallery item.   false yes 1.0.0
playSpeed Slideshow speed in milliseconds.   3000 yes 1.0.0
preload Number of gallery images to preload.   3 yes 1.0.0
modal If set to true, will disable navigation and closing.   false yes 1.0.0
loop If set to true, enables cyclic navigation. This means, if you click "next" after you reach the last element, first element will be displayed (and vice versa).   true yes 1.0.0
scrollOutside If true, the script will try to avoid horizontal scrolling for iframes and html content.   true yes 1.0.0
openEffect Animation effect ('elastic', 'fade' or 'none') for each transition type.   fade yes 1.0.0
closeEffect Animation effect ('elastic', 'fade' or 'none') for each transition type.   fade yes 1.0.0
nextEffect Animation effect ('elastic', 'fade' or 'none') for each transition type.   elastic yes 1.0.0
prevEffect Animation effect ('elastic', 'fade' or 'none') for each transition type.   elastic yes 1.0.0
openSpeed The time it takes (in ms, or "slow", "normal", "fast") to complete transition.   250 yes 1.0.0
closeSpeed The time it takes (in ms, or "slow", "normal", "fast") to complete transition.   250 yes 1.0.0
nextSpeed The time it takes (in ms, or "slow", "normal", "fast") to complete transition.   250 yes 1.0.0
prevSpeed The time it takes (in ms, or "slow", "normal", "fast") to complete transition.   250 yes 1.0.0
openOpacity If set to true, transparency is changed for elastic transitions.   true yes 1.0.0
closeOpacity If set to true, transparency is changed for elastic transitions.   true yes 1.0.0
openMethod Method that handles transition.
  zoomIn yes 1.0.0
closeMethod Method that handles transition.   zoomOut yes 1.0.0
nextMethod Method that handles transition.   changeIn yes 1.0.0
prevMethod Method that handles transition.   changeOut yes 1.0.0
helpers Object containing enabled helpers and options for each of the, this accepts a json string.     yes 1.0.0

Helpers Options

There are several options and sub options that can be set in the helpers properties.

"overlay":{"opacity": 0.8,"css":{"'background-color'": "#000"}},
"thumbs":{"width": 50,"height": 50},
title Title group contains an array of values or return 'null'.  
title [type] How the title will be displayed; 'float', 'inside', 'outside' or 'over'. float
overlay Overlay group contains an array of values or return. 'null'  
overlay [closeClick] If true, fancyBox will be closed when user clicks on the overlay. true
overlay [speedOut] Duration of fadeOut animation. 200
overlay [showEarly] Indicates if should be opened immediately or wait until the content is ready. true
overlay [css] Custom CSS properties.  
overlay [locked] If true, the content will be locked into overlay. true
overlay [opacity] The opacity of the overlay
thumbs Thumbs contains an array of values for the thumbnail helper options.  
thumbs [width] Thumbnail width.
thumbs [height] Thumbnail height

Available Settings

sekfancybox.load_jquery This will enable or disable JQuery from being loaded when sekFancyBox is called on a page. If JQuery is being loaded from another extra used on the same pages as sekFancyBox, or it is loaded in a template, this setting should be set to No/False. The loadjquery option will override whatever this setting is set to.
sekfancybox.load_jquery_head If set to YES, the jquery file in the addon will be loaded in the head of the page. If set to NO, jquery will load at the bottom of the page. Yes/True 1.0.0
sekfancybox.custom_css If blank, use the css file that comes with sekFancyBox. Snippet property &customcss will always override this setting.   1.0.0
sekfancybox.custom_buttons_css If blank, use the css file that comes with sekFancyBox. Snippet property &custombuttonscss will always override this setting.   1.0.0
sekfancybox.custom_thumbs_css If blank, use the css file that comes with sekFancyBox. Snippet property &customthumbnailcss will always override this setting.   1.0.0

Loading JQuery Manually In Your Template

Make sure when loading jquery in a template, and setting sekFancyBox's load jquery option to false, that " type="text/javascript" " is defined in your script tag. If this is not done, sekFancyBox will not function correctly.

<script type="text/javascript" src="assets/js/libs/jquery-1.8.3.min.js"></script>


Below are some basic examples.
You can also view the sekFancyBox & Gallery example.

Inline Type

Display inline is default behavior, and is easy to call with just two properties:

  &linktext=`Text to display as a link`
  &text=`Text that will display in the modal window.`

For multiple inline modal windows on a single page, the link property must be set to prevent clashing modal windows (remember that for the inline type this must not have any spaces):

  &linktext=`Text 1 to display as link`
  &text=`Text 1 that will display in the modal window.`

  &linktext=`Text 2 to display as link`
  &text=`Text 2 that will display in the modal window.`

This can become more complex by calling several options:

  &linktext=`Text to display as link`
  &title=`displays under modal`
  &text=`Text that will display in the modal window.`
  &header=`Displays at top of modal window`

Iframe Type

Define type as iframe to display another website within your own site, type of iframe must be used:

  &linktext=`SEKNet Solutions`

If linking to an external website, it is recommended one defines a weblink resource, then call that weblink resource by the id ( &link=`[[~22]]` ).

Document Type

Define type as document to display a file within your own site ( can be htm, or even txt file):

  &linktext=`link to document`

This is nice to display large amounts of formatted information without placing it inline on the current page. Use this for calling a resource with an empty template, or defining a "BlankTemplate" (defining a "BlankTemplate" would allow one to use tags like [[*pagetitle]], where empty templates will only display the content itself).

If linking to a .txt file, it is recommended one defines a static resource, then call that static resource by the id.

Media Type

Define type as media to display images or even flash:

  &linktext=`<img src="thumbs/image.jpg" />`

  &linktext=`SWF File`

If linking to an external website, it is recommended one defines a weblink resource, then call that weblink resource by the id ( &link=`[[~122]]` ).

Media Type Groups

In the below example, the four photos are set up in two groups. Group1 is using the thumbnailhelper option, and group2 is using the buttonhelper option. The modalclass is used here because there are two groups using different options within each group. This will cause conflicts if both groups are using the same class.

  &linktext=`<img src="thumbs/image1.jpg" />`

  &linktext=`<img src="thumbs/image2.jpg" />`

  &linktext=`<img src="thumbs/image3.jpg" />`

  &linktext=`<img src="thumbs/image4.jpg" />`