1. AdvSearch
      1. AdvSearch.AdvSearch
        1. AdvSearch.AdvSearch.tpl
        2. AdvSearch.Advsearch.paging1Tpl
        3. AdvSearch.AdvSearch.paging0Tpl
        4. AdvSearch.AdvSearch.containerTpl
        5. Advsearch.AdvSearch.extractTpl
      2. AdvSearch.AdvSearchHelp
        1. AdvSearch.AdvSearchHelp.helplinkTpl
      3. AdvSearch.AdvSearchForm
        1. Advsearch.AdvSearchForm.tpl
    2. getYoutube
    3. aliasid
    4. AddHeaderfiles
    5. AjaxUpload
    6. amazonSES mailing list
    7. Analytics
    8. Archivist
      1. Archivist.Archivist
        1. Archivist.Archivist.tpl
      2. Archivist.ArchivistGrouper
      3. Archivist.getArchives
        1. Archivist.getArchives.tpl
    9. Articles
      1. Articles.Theming Articles
      2. Articles.Retrieving the next and previous article
      3. Articles.Roadmap
      4. Articles.Retrieving Articles Outside of Articles
      5. Articles.Creating a Blog
    10. Babel
      1. Babel.BabelLinks
      2. Babel.BabelTranslation
    11. BannerX
    12. BannerY
    13. Batcher
      1. Batcher.Roadmap
    14. bdListings
      1. bdListings.bdCategories
      2. bdListings.bdHookNewListing
      3. bdListings.bdListings
      4. bdListings.bdPriceGroups
      5. bdListings.bdRedirect
      6. bdListings.bdTargets
    15. boilerX
      1. bx-head-open
      2. bx-head-append
      3. bx-head-close
      4. bx-container-open
      5. bx-container-close
      6. bx-bottom-open
      7. bx-bottom-close
    16. BreadCrumb
      1. BreadCrumb.containerTpl
      2. BreadCrumb.currentCrumbTpl
      3. BreadCrumb.linkCrumbTpl
      4. BreadCrumb.maxCrumbTpl
    17. Breadcrumbs
    18. BxrExtra
    19. cachebuster
    20. CamperManagement
      1. CamperManagement.Customizing the Component
      2. CamperManagement.Developing the front-end
        1. CamperManagement.cmCamperDetails Snippet
        2. CamperManagement.cmCampers Snippet
        3. CamperManagement.Placeholders you can use
      3. CamperManagement.Managing your vehicle
      4. CamperManagement.Module home
    21. Church Events Calendar
      1. ChurchEvents.MODX Manager functions
      2. ChurchEventsCalendar Snippet
        1. ChurchEvents.Managing events
      3. ChurchEventsList Snippet
      4. ChurchEventsRss Snippet
    22. Cliche
    23. ClientConfig
    24. CMPGenerator
      1. CMPGenerator.5 minute example
      2. CMPGenerator.Foreign Databases
    25. ContextRouter
    26. CookieList
    27. CronManager
    28. cssSweet
      1. cssSweet.lighten
      2. cssSweet.modval
      3. cssSweet.prefix
    29. CustomUrls
    30. Databackup
    31. Discuss
      1. Discuss.ChunkMap
      2. Discuss.Contributing
      3. Discuss.Controllers
        1. Discuss.Controllers.board
          1. Discuss.Controllers.board.xml
        2. Discuss.Controllers.home
        3. Discuss.Controllers.login
        4. Discuss.Controllers.logout
        5. Discuss.Controllers.profile
        6. Discuss.Controllers.register
        7. Discuss.Controllers.search
        8. Discuss.Controllers.thread
      4. Discuss.Creating a Discuss Theme
      5. Discuss.Database Model
      6. Discuss.Features
      7. Discuss.Getting Started
      8. Discuss.Installation
        1. Discuss.Installation from Git
      9. Discuss.Roadmap
      10. Configuring Sphinx for Search
    32. DitsNews
    33. Eletters
      1. Eletters.API
      2. Eletters.FormIt
      3. Eletters.Import CSV
      4. Eletters.Templates
    34. EventManager
      1. EventManager.emListEvents
      2. EventManager.emNewReservationHook
    35. eventsCalendar2
      1. eventsCalendar2.eventsCalendar2
      2. eventsCalendar2.Generating events
      3. eventsCalendar2.tplCalendar2
      4. eventsCalendar2.tplCell2
      5. eventsCalendar2.tplEvent2
      6. eventsCalendar2.tplHead2
    36. EventsX
      1. EventsX.Examples
    37. ExerPlan
    38. fastField
    39. FileDownload R
      1. FileDownload R.FileDownload
      2. FileDownload R.FileDownloadLink
      3. FileDownload R.Plugins
    40. FileLister
      1. FileLister.FileLister
        1. FileLister.FileLister.directoryTpl
        2. FileLister.FileLister.fileLinkTpl
        3. FileLister.FileLister.fileTpl
        4. FileLister.FileLister.pathTpl
      2. FileLister.Roadmap
    41. FirstChildRedirect
    42. Flexibility
    43. ForcedPasswdChange
    44. FormIt
      1. FormIt.FormItCountryOptions
      2. FormIt.FormItRetriever
      3. FormIt.FormItStateOptions
      4. FormIt.Hooks
        1. FormIt.Hooks.email
        2. FormIt.Hooks.FormItAutoResponder
        3. FormIt.Hooks.math
        4. FormIt.Hooks.recaptcha
        5. FormIt.Hooks.redirect
        6. FormIt.Hooks.spam
      5. FormIt.Roadmap
      6. FormIt.Tutorials and Examples
        1. FormIt.Examples.Custom Hook
        2. FormIt.Examples.Simple Contact Page
        3. FormIt.Handling Selects, Checkboxes and Radios
        4. FormIt.Using a Blank NoSpam Field
      7. FormIt.Validators
    45. FormIt2db
    46. FormitFastPack
      1. FormitFastPack.Tutorial
      2. FormitFastPack.fieldSetDefaults
      3. FormitFastPack.field
      4. FormitFastPack.fiGenerateReport
    47. FormSave
    48. FoundationX
      1. FoundationX.How to Use FoundationX
    49. FX2themebase
      1. FX2.How to Use FX2
        1. FX2.For Theme Authors
      2. FX2.Included Extras
    50. Gallery
      1. Gallery.Example1
      2. Gallery.Gallery
        1. Gallery.Gallery.containerTpl
        2. Gallery.Gallery.thumbTpl
      3. Gallery.GalleryAlbums
        1. Gallery.GalleryAlbums.rowTpl
        2. Gallery.GalleryAlbums.containerTpl
      4. Gallery.GalleryItem
        1. Gallery.GalleryItem.albumTpl
        2. Gallery.GalleryItem.GalleryItemPagination
        3. Gallery.GalleryItem.tagTpl
        4. Gallery.GalleryItem.tpl
      5. Gallery.Plugins
        1. Gallery.Plugins.Galleriffic
        2. Gallery.Plugins.Slimbox
      6. Gallery.Roadmap
      7. Gallery.Setting Up the GalleryItem TV
      8. Gallery.Setting Up Your Gallery
    51. GatewayManager
    52. gCal
    53. getDate
    54. getFeed
      1. getFeed.Adding a Twitter Feed
    55. getPage
    56. getRelated
    57. getResourceField
    58. getResources
      1. getResources.Examples
        1. getResources.Building a RSS feed
        2. getResources.Category Index Page with Thumbnails
        3. getResources.Google XML Sitemap
    59. getUrlParam
    60. getRTImages
    61. getVimeo
    62. GoogleSiteMap
      1. GoogleSiteMap.GoogleSiteMap
        1. GoogleSiteMap.GoogleSiteMap.containerTpl
        2. GoogleSiteMap.GoogleSiteMap.itemTpl
      2. GoogleSiteMap.Roadmap
    63. GridClassKey
    64. HandyMan
      1. HandyMan.Frequently Asked Questions
      2. HandyMan.Installation
      3. HandyMan.Roadmap
    65. Hits
    66. HitsPage
    67. HybridAuth
      1. HybridAuth.Integrating Facebook
      2. HybridAuth.Integrating Google
      3. HybridAuth.Integrating Twitter
      4. HybridAuth.Integrating VK.com
    68. If
    69. Image+
    70. imageHERE
    71. ImageStyles
    72. ImportX
    73. LexRating
    74. Lingua
    75. Login
      1. Login.ChangePassword
      2. Login.ConfirmRegister
      3. Login.ForgotPassword
      4. Login.Login
      5. Login.Profile
      6. Login.Register
        1. Register.Example Form 1
      7. Login.ResetPassword
      8. Login.Roadmap
      9. Login.Tutorials
        1. Login.Basic Setup
        2. Login.Extended User Profiles
        3. Login.Request Membership
        4. Login.User Profiles
        5. Login.Using Custom Fields
        6. Login.Using Pre and Post Hooks
      10. Login.UpdateProfile
    76. Loginza
      1. Loginza.Loginza
      2. tpl.Loginza.login
      3. tpl.Loginza.logout
      4. tpl.Loginza.profile
    77. mChimpX
    78. MetaX
    79. mhPayPal
      1. mhPayPal.Snippet Usage
        1. mhPayPal.Snippet Usage.Hooks
        2. mhPayPal.Snippet Usage.Templating
    80. MIGX
      1. MIGX.Backend-Usage
      2. MIGX.Data-Entry
      3. MIGX.Frontend-Usage
      4. MIGX.Tutorials
        1. MIGX.Fancybox-images with seperate placeholders in Richtext-Content
        2. MIGX.Simple opening hours table
        3. Using resource-specific mediasource and multifile-uploader with MIGX
        4. MIGX.Varying layout-boxes
          1. MIGX.Varying layout-boxes.Configurator-Version
        5. Creating Selectable and Sortable lists for MIGX
        6. MIGX.sortable resourcelist
        7. Using resource-specific mediasource and multifile-uploader with MIGX
    81. MIGXdb
      1. MIGXdb.Configuration
      2. MIGXdb.Tutorials
        1. MIGXdb.Create a basic gallery-management from scratch with MIGXdb
        2. MIGXdb.Create doodles manager with help of MIGXdb
        3. MIGXdb.Manage Child-Resources in a grid-TV with help of MIGXdb
        4. MIGXdb.Manage Events-Resources in a CMP with help of MIGXdb
    82. MinifyX
    83. miniShop
      1. miniShop.Screenshots
    84. modActiveDirectory
    85. ModDef
    86. modExtra
    87. modMobile
    88. modSwiftMailer
    89. mxCalendar
      1. mxCalendar.Examples
      2. mxCalendar.Placeholders
    90. mxExtendedMenu
    91. mxFormBuilder
      1. mxFormBuilder.Create Form
      2. mxFormBuilder.Hooks
      3. mxFormBuilder.Field Types
      4. mxFormBuilder.Create Form List in TV
      5. mxFormBuilder.Fields
    92. mxHasTvs
    93. MoneyBird
      1. MoneyBird.Contacts
      2. MoneyBird.Invoices
      3. MoneyBird.NrFormat
    94. ObfuscateEmail-Revo
    95. PackMan
      1. PackMan.Roadmap
    96. PageBreaker
      1. PageBreaker.PageBreaker
      2. tpl.PageBreaker.ajax
      3. tpl.PageBreaker.navigation
    97. Peoples
      1. Peoples.PeopleGroup
        1. Peoples.PeopleGroup.userTpl
      2. Peoples.PeopleGroups
        1. Peoples.PeopleGroups.tpl
      3. Peoples.Peoples
        1. Peoples.Peoples.tpl
      4. Peoples.Roadmap
    98. PHP Tidy (plugin)
    99. phpThumbOf
    100. Polls
      1. Polls.Polls
      2. Polls.PollsLatest
      3. Polls.PollsPrevious
      4. Polls.PollsResult
    101. POI Manager
    102. QuickCrumbs
      1. QuickCrumbs.Example
    103. Quip
      1. Quip.Quip
        1. Quip.Quip.tplComment
        2. Quip.Quip.tplCommentOptions
        3. Quip.Quip.tplComments
        4. Quip.Quip.tplReport
      2. Quip.QuipCount
      3. Quip.QuipLatestComments
      4. Quip.QuipReply
        1. Quip.QuipReply.tplAddComment
        2. Quip.QuipReply.tplLoginToComment
        3. Quip.QuipReply.tplPreview
      5. Quip.QuipRss
      6. Quip.Roadmap
      7. Quip.Upgrading
        1. Quip.Upgrading to 1.0.1
    104. Rampart
      1. Rampart.hook.RampartFormIt
      2. Rampart.hook.RampartQuip
      3. Rampart.preHook.RampartRegister
    105. Redirector
    106. renderResources
    107. ResourceWatcher
    108. RezImgCrop
    109. Rowboat
      1. Rowboat.Rowboat
    110. sekFancyBox
      1. sekFancyBox & Gallery
    111. sekFormTools
      1. sekFormTools.input.autocomplete
      2. sekFormTools.input.combobox
      3. sekFormTools.input.datepicker
      4. sekFormTools.input.helper
      5. sekFormTools.input.textfield
      6. sekFormTools Advanced Examples
    112. sekSiteTools
      1. sekSiteTools.easytabs
      2. sekSiteTools.google.analytics
      3. sekSiteTools.printdiv
    113. sekUserGalleries
      1. sekUserGalleries.album.items.helper
      2. sekUserGalleries.album.items.manage
      3. sekUserGalleries.album.manage
      4. sekUserGalleries.album.view
      5. sekUserGalleries.browse.galleries
      6. sekUserGalleries.directory
      7. sekUserGalleries.image.information
      8. sekUserGalleries.search
      9. sekUserGalleries.users.gallery.manage
      10. sekUserGalleries.users.gallery.view
    114. selfLink
    115. Shopkeeper
    116. siblingNav
    117. SimpleSearch
      1. SimpleSearch.Roadmap
      2. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch
        1. SimpleSearch.Faceted Search Through PostHooks
        2. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch.containerTpl
        3. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch.currentPageTpl
        4. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch.pageTpl
        5. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearch.tpl
      3. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearchForm
        1. SimpleSearch.SimpleSearchForm.tpl
      4. SimpleSearch.Solr
    118. SiteEditor
    119. sitemapFriend
    120. Slideshow Manager
      1. jgSlideshow Snippet
      2. Slideshow Manager CMP
    121. sLink
    122. SmartOptimizer
    123. SmartTag
    124. StatCache
    125. SocialLogin
    126. SocialSuite
      1. SocialSuite.getFacebookPhotos
      2. SocialSuite.getFacebookProfile
      3. SocialSuite.getFacebookShares
      4. SocialSuite.getGooglePlusShares
      5. SocialSuite.getTwitterProfile
      6. SocialSuite.prettyNumbers
    127. spieFeed
    128. StaticSaver
    129. StoreLocator
    130. SubscribeMe
      1. SubscribeMe.Configuring API Credentials, IPN and going Live
      2. SubscribeMe.Setting up the Payment Flow
        1. SubscribeMe - Listing the Products
        2. SubscribeMe - Setting up the Payment Methods
        3. SubscribeMe - Subscription Confirmation Page
      3. SubscribeMe.User Account Management
    131. SyntaxChecker
    132. TaggingAtoZ
    133. tagLister
      1. tagLister.getResourcesTag
      2. tagLister.tagLister
        1. tagLister.tagLister.all
        2. tagLister.tagLister.tpl
      3. tagLister.tolinks
        1. tagLister.tolinks.tpl
    134. TinyMCE
      1. TinyMCE.Spellchecker
      2. TinyMCE.Table controls
      3. TinyMCE.Template
    135. Upload to Users CMP
    136. VersionX
      1. VersionX.Roadmap
    137. virtuNewsletter
    138. VisionCart
      1. VisionCart.Back-end
        1. VisionCart.Category management
        2. VisionCart.Module management
        3. VisionCart.Option management
        4. VisionCart.Order management
        5. VisionCart.Product management
        6. VisionCart.Shop management
      2. VisionCart.Front-end
        1. VisionCart.vcGetCategories
          1. VisionCart.vcGetCategories.tpl
        2. VisionCart.vcGetProducts
          1. VisionCart.vcGetProducts.tpl
        3. VisionCart.vcWayfinder
      3. VisionCart.General
        1. VisionCart.Templating
        2. VisionCart.UserManagement
      4. VisionCart.vcGetProductImages
      5. VisionCart.vcGetProductOptions
    139. Wayfinder
      1. Wayfinder Introductory Examples
    140. xFPC
    141. Tagger


This is a user-contributed Extra. If you find issues or would like more info or help, please contact the author.

On some poorly migrated copies of MODX the package might not install. This problem may also appear with default installations when the folders are not Apache/root assigned. Please refer to the troubleshooting section for more information.

What is modSwiftMailer?

modSwiftMailer is a 3rd-party core add-on by Mark Ernst that extends the modMail functionality and provides a much more configurable implementation of the native modMail (in combination with PHPMailer) class. modSwiftMailer is based on Swift Mailer which is an open-source library by Chris Corbyn. Although the usage of modSwiftMailer is almost exactly the same as modPHPMailer in core functionality, it provides a couple of differences and advantages.


I've got some features planned which you can find in the readme.txt when you download modSwiftMailer. Below is the roadmap for modSwiftMailer. The additions are not necessarily in order of importance and these are not binding, which means that they might be pushed sooner or later, depending on their importance at the time.

  • Inline attachments
  • Extend debug functionality towards the mod log function
  • Make auto-configurable (with one command)
  • Make auto-launchable (with one command)
  • Native date headers
  • More complete readme documentation
  • E-mail validation addon: MX Record check
  • Rebuild a native MODX/Swift Mailer decorator to work with the modParser class

Current version

The current version supports about 90% of Swift Mailer's regular usage functionality. Please refer to the changelog.txt to see what has been added/fixed/improved and the Roadmap above for plans in the near future.


  • MODx Revolution 2.0.2-pl or later
  • PHP5 or later
  • Knowledge of modMail


modSwiftMailer was created and programmed by Mark Ernst (ReSpawN) and released on 18th of July, 2011.


modSwiftMailer is available in the MODX Extras repository (direct link) and in your MODX Revolution' Package Management.


I tried to make it as easy as possible to switch from modPHPMailer to modSwiftMailer, so with that in mind the following wouldn't be that different from what you already have.

A basic little e-mail

Firstly we're going to create a plain, little e-mail. This is a neat piece of code that you most likely will use to test a chunk of development code.

$modx->getService('mail', 'mail.modSwiftMailer');

$modx->mail->address('to', 'recipient@domain.tld', 'Recipient');
$modx->mail->address('sender', 'sender@domain.tld');
$modx->mail->subject('Dear GOD why won\'t my code function properly!');
$modx->mail->body(print_r($data, true));


Hey you! Go ahead and slap that sucker into a snippet. ;) It will, if you have set up your MODX in the right manner, send you an e-mail with a subject and printed array.

You might have noticed that next to modPHPMailer, you're missing a couple of lines of code. For example, we're missing modMail::MAIL_FROM lines, the reply-to field, setHTML, error catching and the reset function.
What basically happens is, modSwiftMailer nativly sends UTF-8 encoded, 8bit encrypted text/html mails for your pleasure. This means that you can natively incorporate ANY chunk into modSwiftMailer without changing defaults or overriding behaviours (such as setHTML). More on that later.

By now you would've recieved your first modSwiftMailer e-mail and you're ready to rock. Try expanding your e-mail with the following examples.


Sending a simple e-mail

The following code allows you to send a e-mail to one recipient. If you want to use this code in a for(each) loop, you should most definitly use $modx->mail->reset() after (thus inside) each loop.

$modx->getService('mail', 'mail.modSwiftMailer');

$modx->mail->address('to', 'recipient@domain.tld', 'Recipient');
$modx->mail->address('sender', 'sender@domain.tld');
$modx->mail->subject('A simple e-mail');
$modx->mail->body('<h1>Simple e-mail</h1><p>With a basic message</p>');


Getting more complex; multiple recipients

By design, modSwiftMailer allows you to send your mail to, literally, an array of recipients. This is achieved in a couple of ways.

First off, start with starting the modSwiftMailer service. Really? Yes, really.

$modx->getService('mail', 'mail.modSwiftMailer');

Now, modSwiftMailer allows to insert basically any format you wish, but each has a different output.

$modx->mail->address('to', 'recipient@domain.tld', 'Recipient');

Will add one e-mail, "recipient@domain.tld" with the name "Recipient".

I like a little real work scenario with my e-mails, so lets mail the partial cast of How I Met Your Mother.

$modx->mail->address('to', array(
        'barneystinson@howimetyourmother.tld' => 'Barney Stison',
        'tedmosby@howimetyourmother.tld' => 'Ted Mosby'

Will add two e-mails, "barneystinson@howimetyourmother.tld" with the name "Barney Stison" and "tedmosby@howimetyourmother.tld" with the name "Ted Mosby".

Aside from that little example, there is another way to send an e-mail to the same person with multiple e-mail addresses. Granted, you will not be using this unless you're e-mailing an entire Korean family called "Li", but that's a whole different matter.

$modx->mail->address('to', array(
), 'How I Met Your Mother cast');

Will add two e-mails, "barneystinson@howimetyourmother.tld" and "tedmosby@howimetyourmother.tld" both with the name "How I Met Your Mother cast".

Finally, imagine your form was plugged into a FormIt postHook which has an optional fullname (or name or username) field, which isn't always set or contains data. Your e-mails would look pretty crappy, won't they? Nay!

$modx->mail->address('to', array(
        'tedmosby@howimetyourmother.tld' => 'Ted Mosby'

Granted, I reckon the first, second and fourth examples will be used the most, but I like a little challenge.

Again, in a poorly scripted FormIt postHook you also want to e-mail the same e-mail to a BCC (*B*lind *C*arbon *C*opy) recipient. Easy pease, exactly the same functionality as to;

$modx->mail->address('bcc', 'phantom@theopera.tld', 'Phantom');

Now comes the part which sets your e-mail apart from those pesky, instant-coffee-like e-mails out there, the 'couple-liners' that define the origination of the e-mail.

$modx->mail->address('sender', 'sender@domain.tld');
$modx->mail->address('from', 'from@domain.tld', 'Graphical sender');

The "sender" always appears in your e-mail's headers. Usually this is the webserver' pre-coded no-reply e-mail address but that isn't always the case. Want to prevent your e-mail from being marked as spam, just use that! (if your e-mail however is as "spammy" as they come, that won't help) The "from" is basically what will be picked up by your e-mail program. It will show the name next to the subject ("Graphical sender") and when you view the details (or the headers), it will appear as Graphical sender <from@domain.tld>.

Lastly, you can define a bounce address and reply-to address. If you don't provide a reply-to address, it will nativly pick up the senders or from e-mail address (depends on the program).


Oh yea, I snug a little receipt in there. It isn't supported by webbrowsers but I guess Outlook and Thunderbird pick it up as a read-confirmation.

Finally, of course, we want to send that e-mail to all defined recipients (to, cc and bcc). Oh yea, we're gonna add some content and a subject too - of course.

$modx->mail->subject('A subject');
$modx->mail->body('Some content');



My e-mails are not being sent

I am using native mail()
Your current SMTP provider doesn't accept your commands or query or the e-mail address you're trying to mail is invalid. When working on a local machine, Windows 32/64bit, Linux or Mac, all need a valid, up and working SMTP from your current host. Most of the time, this can be found out by "tracert"-ing your current IP (Windows tested). Simply tracert your external IP and a part of your host should at least appear (dynamic.host.tld). Enter that value into your php.ini (WAMP, LAMP) and you're ready to go.

I am using sendmail (Linux)
This is a tricky feature at best, since every Linux based machine is set up differently. Please check your MAIL_ENGINE_PATH (which is used with sendmail) and validate of that works. You might even try that with modPHPMailer. If modPHPMailer works (thus pwns modSwiftMailer), please give me a heads-up.

I am using an internal SMTP (ISP)
ISP stands for Interner Service Provider and is your "SMTP provider" in I am using native mail(). Please refer to that troubleshooting section for more information.

I am using an external SMTP
Please check if you have your authentication set up right. SMTP most of the time requirs the right hostname, port and authentication. Usually a authentication is in the format of a username an password (user: smtp@domain.tld, pass: doh?).

It wont sent my e-mails because of something called a Return-Path

Try setting one of three (preferably all three): sender, bounce (Return-Path) and from addresses.

My package won't install

This might be a small glitch on my part. Try setting the model/modx/mail directory to CHMOD 0777 and try it again.

Bug reporting isn't up yet. Please submit your bugs via the MODX forum! :)