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API Quick reference
Variable name: getChildIds
Modx versions: 0.9.x + Evolution
Variable type: array
Object parent: DocumentParser


Array getChildIds(mixed $id[, int $depth[, array $children]]);

Returns an array of child IDs belonging to the specified parent.

  • $id - the parent page to start from
  • $depth - how many levels deep to search for children
  • $children - if you already have an array of child ids, give it to the method, and new values will be added

Contains the document Listing (tree) like the sitemap

Usage / Examples

See also, this page on Understanding the Document Object


Function Source

    function getChildIds($id, $depth= 10, $children= array ()) {
        $c= null;
        foreach ($this->documentMap as $mapEntry) {
            if (isset ($mapEntry[$id])) {
                $childId= $mapEntry[$id];
                $childKey= array_search($childId, $this->documentListing);
                if (!$childKey) {
                    $childKey= "$childId";
                $c[$childKey]= $childId;
        if (is_array($c)) {
            if (is_array($children)) {
                $children= $children + $c;
            } else {
                $children= $c;
            if ($depth) {
                foreach ($c as $child) {
                    $children= $children + $this->getChildIds($child, $depth, $children);
        return $children;